The First Official Ride of Club R150


Daranak Falls via Marilaque twisties | March 18, 2007

As agreed by the vast majority, departure was set at 6:00 a.m., Shell C5 corner Julia Vargas. People coming from the far south, like Cavite, will meet at the Official Tambayan which is Petron Macapagal, and depart at 5:30 a.m. to meet up with the rest at Shell C5.

Early birds at Shell decided to have breakfast, have their bikes filled up, yosi, and exchange sweet nothings between one another, and as usual Joshua still making his bike sparkle and shimmer with his handy prenela(tama ba spelling?) There was also another group there who caught our attention. Older men with bigbikes, ganda ng mga motor no. And, of course, the pretty princess who walked by us and rode the car parked nearby. (Fuel, ganun ba yung mukhang anime?) While waiting for departure time, the guys were entertaining the idea of travelling via Marilaque on the way to Daranak. It was learned that the opening time for Daranak is 9 am, so again, the vast majority decided to advice Pres. Etoy.

It’s 6:00 a.m. Time to depart, but wait, Pres. Etoy is not yet around. Clarifications were made whether departure time was indeed set for 6 a.m. or was it 6 p.m. as per Destroyer. Anyway, a couple of minutes later, our beloved president arrives, had his bike filled up, and then proceeded to the group. Route was discussed. Final instructions were given. Sweepers were assigned to veteran riders such as wolf and the others (uy pasensya na, di ko kabisado lahat ng mga call sign niyo). Prayer was said. Off we go.

Engines simultaneously started. The sound was really macho and echoed the whole of C5, courtesy of DBS, Kitti, etc. The glass windows of Shell almost shattered (O.A. ba hehehe)….

With pres. leading the pack we started the journey. Upon reaching cogeo, there was another group with raiders who overtook us. People in front mistook them as ClubR150 members and went after them. Consequently, chain reaction, and everybody was trying to catch up, so relatively fast paced yung takbo, at least for me. Here comes the twisties. My God! I myself am a new rider. I even seldom do 80kph and here I am doing it on curves, but I admit it was really fun.

At last, we reached Marilaque . Posing posing, picture picture, with matching arrangement of the bikes and helmets as seen in the pictures. Puede na pang magazine. For first timers to the place, like me, the temperature up there is cool, the roads were really nice, and the view too. After enjoying the moment up there, we then decided to procede to our destination, Daranak. Twisties na naman!

Upon reaching Sampaloc, some of the guys had to feed their bikes and so we had a stop over at Shell. When we were about to procede, rain started pouring which added to the thrill and adventure, making us really cold and wet. Mas maganda sana kung hot and wet no. Anyway, rain lessened. Pres. asked the opinion of everybody if it’s ok. All of us then decided to proceed, but this time at a slower pace. Medyo scary na.

Ang lapit na ng Daranak. At this point I was behind El Presidente. Then I passed over some leaves on the road. Kala ko talaga ito na ang unang spill. Parang bumara itl*g ko sa lalamunan ko. Dumulas front wheel and nag wiggle. Buti kamo ‘di tumuloy. After awhile, Pres. Etoy noticed that there were no more bikes behind us, so we waited. Joshua, Pinoy_rider and others came and told us that lumampas na kami. We went back with the rest and proceeded on the right path. This time steep rough roads na. We continued on a slow pace.

At last, Daranak na. We systematically parked our steadfast Suzuki Raiders, paid the entrance fee of P20 and found 2 “cottages” Naruto, as kind as he is, offered drinks. Likewise, Pinoy_rider chichirya naman. The rest, including myself, ambag-ambag for light snacks kasi nakaka inggit na yung mga nagluluto sa tabi namin. Dumating na rin sila blueDink w/ wifey.

Start na yung election for officers. (oooops! Sorry, ‘di ko memorize, care of nalang sa may hawak ng list, paki post please.)

Picture picture ulit. Then it’s time to go, but before leaving, we came across a fellow biker and had a quick chat. He said he is a doctor and shared his not so good experience as a rider recently. After a few exchanges, we bid him farewell and a gave a get well soon pat.

Yehey! Next stop kina rev125. He offered their place in Tanay where we could have our lunch. Dude! Sarap ng sinigang na baka and adobong manok! Thank you! After we had our lunch, rest muna, chit chat, shared stories, recent spills and other experiences, jokes, fooling around, in short – bonding and camaraderie.

Well, every good thing must come to an end, ……..for now heheheh. Uwian na hu hu hu.
The others had to have their bikes filled up, so another stop over at a gas station near rev’s place. The ride going back was quite hot since it was afternoon already, and the traffic was not light. When we reached Antipolo, I had to part ways with the group, along with Destroyer and Joshua. So, this is as far as this report goes.

This ride, for me, is very successful. No accidents! Thank God!

‘Til the next ride! See you guys!

Club R150 Secretary 2007