Club R150 Midnight Bulalo Ride 2013

Club R150 Midnight Bulalo Ride

Diners, Tagaytay City | August 30, 2013

August has always been the worst month of the year for us for this is the wettest month. Flood-damaged bike and riders stranded by heavy rains are one of those nightmare during month of August. But for some hardcores who love to ride under the pouring rain, this is one of the most exciting part of being a rider.


It’s been a couple of months ago since our last Tagaytay Midnight Bulalo Ride. The unpredictable bad weather restraint us from riding outside metropolitan. Thankfully the last weekend of August give us a shining bright stars that gave us a chance not to vacant August from a ride.

With our special guest from upcoming Club R150 Baguio group Mr. John Rey and due to the public hardcore demand we decided to have a quickie ride to Tagaytay for a minutes of hot bulalo.


Half an hour before the midnight, empty gas tank were already full, everyone were geared-up, ride direction and briefing were done, all were excited, take off and got in line. Here we come again Tagaytay.

We’ve got a good pace on our way to tagaytay and we’re not so far from our tambayan when one of our member ‘Basti’ got a flat tire and ‘John thailand’ also somewhere in zapote. Ride marshals were left to assist Basti and John while the pack continue the ride spear headed by ‘Hansel. The group stop by along Salitran Dasma to check for an updates thru our mobile phone and to wait for the others. 30mins of waiting time and we decided to continue to our destination and wait for the others at Tagaytay while taking some orders of bulalo. Somewhere in the middle of no light of Tagaytay when Vinzki experienced a technical problem on his bike. Unintentionally he was left alone but in few minutes Rash and Aceth rescue him and decided to have Mcdo meal instead of Bulalo. The group fill again another litres of gas in Petron Tagaytay near Mahogany before proceeding to Diners Bulalohan. Everyone is in the middle of sharing their own ride ideas when the others came and join the group. Bill out, discounts and the night is over, time to gear up and back to our normal routine. Some of the guys took an early take off from bulalohan to have a refuelling while Jay-m and Hansel look for vulcanizing shop along tagaytay. We met near rotonda and continue our midnight ride back to homebase.

DSC_0339 DSC_0369 DSC_0371

A very hot delicious bulalo with ‘green’ mineral gave us a great night, the adventure of sharing safety riding techniques thru group riding and of course the enforced camaraderie within the group is one of the precious moment.

This is our home.. Home of the Suzuki Raider 150. “Our Lifestyle. Our Ride”.

Club R150 Tagaytay Midnight Bulalo Ride feat. Aspiring Pres. of Club R150 Baguio

Diners Bulalohan, Tagaytay | Aug. 30, 2013.

1.) SailorBoy

2.) Kirby

3.) Ace

4.) Irson

5.) Mik’z

6.) The Caling

7.) Joe Carlo

8.) Athan

9.) Jay-m

10.) Hanzel

11.) Garry

12.) Ed’z

13.) Vinzki

14.) Al-Rash

15.) Jet

16.) Basti*

17.) Kirie*

18.) Mark*

19.) John Rey – aspiring Pres. of Club R-150 Baguio

Till the next ride!


Club R150 Admin 2013