Sagada Extreme Adventure Ride

It was February 2010 when the elite group of raider owner Club R150 went to Sagada, Mt. Province. If I’m not mistaken we are 14 in the group and stayed for almost 1 day only. We are really relaxed by the cold and quiet ambience of this place that’s why every year we plan to come back but unfortunately we don’t get some luck.

Ride Briefing | Take off time at exactly 0000H

At last, the year 2013 gave us this opportunity. The Club R150 set a ride to Sagada as the first official long ride to give us charm to keep every rider in the group safe throughout the year of water snake.

Tune up, bike general check up, tire change, tools and some extra stuff for emergency use. Riding gears, rain coat, trekking and swimming attire, and of course sweatshirt for a cold weather costume were all packed. Ride plan was reviewed and Marshalls were ready. A couple of restless nights due to excitement as we wait for the take off time.

Our itinerary is to have a 12 to 14 hour fast and safe pacing with a counter clockwise route from Manila to Sagada. Bomod-ok falls for the first day, Trekking at Marlboro Country and Spelunking  at Lumiang/Sumaguing Cave for the next day. Early take off for the following day to have some photo session at the breathtaking view of the Highest Point, Atoc Benguet. And the last town to have a quick tour at the City of Pines, Baguio.

January 18, 2013 (Friday) regular Tambay/meeting night of the group at Petron Macapagal. This time, 16 riders were ready to touch the clouds at Sagada and the others were excited as they escort the hardcore riders. Final ride briefing, Rider’s prayer for guidance and protection, gas up, engines up and butts up. Let’s Rock and Ride!

* T O U C H D O W N * 1600H | 439km | Sagada Town Proper
* T O U C H D O W N * 1600H | 439km | Sagada Town Proper

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