Club R150 2015 Baler Official Ride

Mention Baler and the first thing that will popup in everyone’s mind is surfing. And this without a doubt is true because Sabang Beach is a real surfer’s paradise. But more than surfing, the town is increasingly becoming popular not only to surfing enthusiasts, primarily because of its natural beauty, historical significance and other attractions.

The capital of the province of Aurora, Baler is situated on the east coast of Luzon, fronting the roaring waves of Pacific Ocean and enclosed by the mountains of Sierra Madre. The town’s relative isolation has preserved much of its historical sites, cultural heritage and tradition that are all deeply rooted on its vibrant past.

Baler is Baler, it has unique identity and charm that sets it apart from other places in the country. Have a bit of adventure, a lesson in history and commune with nature, visit Baler!

Mother Falls
If you’ve got a morning to burn and a hankering for nature, take a side trip to Mother Falls in neighboring San Luis, Aurora. It’s a 30-minute drive and 30-minute trek to the falls, so be ready with your trekking sandals and a dri-fit shirt that will dry quickly after a dip in the pool.

Diguisit Falls
The crew drove to Diguisit Falls immediately after trekking to Mother Falls. At this point, the legs of some crew members were aching. Good news: Diguisit Falls is literally beside the road!

All you need to do is park and once you exit the car, you’ll be able to see the waterfalls from the road. Climb up a bit with the help of the guide ropes and you’ll reach the actually pool in less that five minutes.

With us were Roy and Aliya, who was even wearing a frilly pink dress. They clambered up with little difficulty, which points towards Diguisit Falls being a destination for the whole family.

Hot springs
Hot spring in the middle of a farm? It sounds unconventional, and it is. But if you’re looking for an unusual place to hang out with your friends, this is a good place to relax. You can even have a photo shoot in the farm’s hanging garden and enjoy fresh buko juice.

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