2013 Suzuki Satria Fu 150 Blackfire Special Edition

2013 Raider R150

Suzuki Satria FU 150 Blackfire hyper underbone does look different now, exlusive, unique, extreme and aggressive. Suzuki Satria Blackfire expresses a strong and tough, very suitable for the young and active. Blackfire is a color special edition for the second time for the Satria FU.

The first impression arising from a combination of colors is frightening! Yup, just imagine. color black on the body coupled with a touch of bright red striping section, and color wheels are also bright red, it appears that the color combination is sweet, but is able to create a Sporty impression.

This motor is the result of innovation Suzuki by presenting the latest edition of their products. They named the Blackfire series. As the name implies, Blackfire using design and striping are frightening and sinister with the dominance of black and red.

Suzuki Satria FU 150 Blackfire still use spec and the same engine as the previous Satria FU 150. satria Blackfire has an attractive color characteristics, color combination of red and black with striping and crossbar rim matching with body color.

Suzuki Satria FU 150 hyper underbone, still the best-selling Suzuki motorcycles and many received awards from the automotive media in Indonesia. Price for Suzuki Satria Fu 150 Blackfire is Rp 19,315,000.

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      1. thx kikoy.. but motortrade got a phone call to the company and inquire about black fire and unfortunately, the limited edition has been sold out..

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