Successful 2015 North Loop Ride

2015 Club R150 North Loop Ride


2015 Club R150 NorthLoop (1500 kms total Travel)

Ride Coordinator: kitt0y
Spearhead: Jeff Daguio
Sweepers: John Ibasco & JohnRey Gargoles

OathTakers: Kenneth Daguio & Drew U-Turn

1st day [Nov 18-19]: Pasay, Manila – Peñablanca, Tuguegarao
Total kms: 500 KM (More or Less) (12 Hrs travel Time)
Wednesday: 9PM Take Off [Nov 25]

1st Gas: Cabanatuan (122 kms from pasay)
2nd Gas: Aritao (121 kms from Cabanatuan)
3rd Gas: Santiago (95 kms from Aritao)
4th Gas: Ilagan (90 kms from Santiago)
5th Gas: Peñablanca (80 kms from Ilagan)

Touch Down Tuguegarao: Hopefully 10AM – 12NN Thursday

Callao Cave
2nd Day: Peñablanca, Tuguegarao – Pagudpod (Appari Sidetrip)
Total kms: 300 KM (More or Less) (6 Hrs travel Time)
Friday: 4AM or 5AM Take Off

6th Gas: Appari (105 kms from Peñablanca)
7th Gas: Sanchez Mira (113 kms from Appari)
8th Gas: Pagudpod (70 kms from Sanchez Mira)

Touch Down Pagudpod: Hopefully 12PM-1pm Friday

Photo Ops – Aparri Arch / Aparri Park – Ilocos Norte Arch – Pagudpod Arch -Patapat Bridge
Swimming Beach – Arinaya White Beach
3rd Day: Pagudpod – Baguio
Total kms: 300 KM (More or Less) (6 Hrs travel Time)
Saturday: 5AM or 6AM Take Off

9th Gas: Laoag (77 kms from Pagudpod)
10th Gas: vigan (83 kms from Laoag)
11th Gas: Tagudin (91 kms from Vigan)

Touch Down Baguio: Hopefully 6pm Saturday

Activities:Photo Ops
-Bangui Windmill
-Cape Bojedor Lighthouse
-Crisostomo Street – Vigan
-Singking Bell Tower – Laoag
-Lapaz Sand Dunes – Laoag
-Fort Ilocandia – Laoag
-Malacañang of the North
-Paoay Church
-Paoay San Dunes
-Marcos Museum and Mausoleum – Batac City

Beach / Surfing
4th Day: Baguio – Manila
Total kms: 300 KM (More or Less) (7Hrs Travel Time)
Sunday: 12NN or 1PM Take Off

12th Gas: san Fernando City (47 kms from tagudin)
13th Gas: Bayambang (100 Km from San Fernando)
14th Gas: Angeles City (85 kms from Bayambang)
15th Gas: Valenzuela City (70 kms from Angeles)

Touch Down Manila: Hopefully 6pm Sunday